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Your website is an important tool in connecting with your customers. We can help.

As a main specialty, at Burraq Technologies we have the experience and knowledge to maximize your website’s potential. Burraq Technologies creates hiqh-quality flexible web design, custom designed to target your audience. From the initial design phase, to the final launch, you have the expertise of a well seasoned firm behind you.

We build dynamic and reliable sites that help you connect with your customers. We have hard-working, devoted developers with the skills to make the perfect website for your business. Your site is designed and built at one location by a single team. This method ensures that all parts of the site fit perfectly, creating a seamless and unified presentation.


Within our primary services, we are experts in several specialties which help further your website or mobile app. These specialties help us offer you a comprehensive package.


Has your business outgrown your existing e-commerce platform? Do you keep needing to create workarounds or hacks to make the platform work for your business? Maybe you are now ready to build out a custom e-commerce platform that not just runs your web sales but also can manage your day-to-day business operations.


Updating the content on your web site, news web site, or within your apps and other web-based content areas shouldn’t be a chore. We make it easy to update your content anytime and anywhere. The best part, they are secure, easy to use, search engine friendly and mobile-friendly


You shouldn’t have to call your developer to update the content on your site, or change product images, inventory, customer information or whatever. Being able to self-maintain your data is what Burraq Technologies is all about. Let us help you be independent and less reliant on your development team

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